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Blogging Ideas for the Elementary Classroom

As the use of Blogging tools increases in the school setting and the use of Chromebooks are increasing as an acceptable student device, a marriage of the two seems to be a perfect storm.  Using Blogging on these devices allows the mobile user to Blog from anywhere there is a WiFi signal and the fact that Chromebooks have a full keyboard is very important to the writing process versus a smart phone.

Teachers can choose to allow students to create a Blog to show their learning. This applies to every subject, even Fine Arts. With the influx of accessible devices in the classroom, even itinerant teachers can quickly get students to Blog about their learning without needing a computer lab.

Then there are the teachers that use Blogging to get more from their student learning, to enhance their learning experience or to have students peer-teach other students not just in their class, but around the world. It acts like a text portal in that respect and with a good rubric, these Blogs are grada…
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Cool Find Friday - Classroom Screen

Our Cool Find this Friday is a website called Classroom Screen. ( Classroom Screen is a website that allows you to have a tab open with some cool features that teachers use all the time. For example you have the option to have a clock or a time on screen without having go to another website or program. Classroom Screen also has a random name selector, calculator, QR code generator, work space, text box, and other features. Check it out, I know you will love it!

Google Chrome Tip: Change File Download Location

Tired of downloading files while using Chrome and not knowing where they save? You can select a location you want all saves to go or you can select a setting to ask you where to save for every download.

Begin by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of your browser. Choose “Settings” This will open settings in a new window on a Chromebook or open the settings in a new tab on a pc.

Scroll to the bottom of the window/tab and choose “Show advanced settings…”

You will then scroll down more until you find the section for Downloads.

If you are wanting the computer to ask you where to save, flip the switch to turn on that setting. Now every time you download a file while using Chrome the computer will ask you where to save the file.

If you are wanting to change the location of all files downloaded to a specific folder (default is the downloads folder on your computer), click change next to the location setting. When you download a file it will always save to the folder you selected.