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Online PD for teachers from the Smithsonian - Not Instructional Tech!

Thought you all might like a different kind of Professional Development opportunity. The Smithsonian is providing online sessions in February. Their goal is to make connections from the textbook to today's world. An excerpt from their site says...
In each online conference in the series, you will join with students and teachers to interact with curators, researchers, and educators from various disciplines at the Smithsonian. Special sessions will be dedicated to teachers in a “virtual teachers’ lounge” to highlight Smithsonian learning resources related to conference topics and offer an opportunity to discuss them with fellow teachers. And be sure to check out the Resources page for other activities and learning opportunities, including the Smithsonian Quests program, for use before, during and after the conference sessions.
The link to their site is  You will need to register...IT IS FREE!! If you sign up and can't attend or you found this post too late they post the recordings for you to watch later. Here is the link


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