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SMART Notebook And Response Ideas

Ideas for Instruction
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1. Use Page Recorder for recording the annotation process over maps or visuals (records only what you’re doing on screen w/in Notebook...but good for troop movements, trade routes, etc and can be combined with on screen text). Nice because these recorded pages can be placed wherever you’d like them within a Notebook file, and can be played and replayed by students. Export format: .Notebook file which can be opened in SMART Notebook (full version) or SMART Notebook Express (test this option as the express version is not as robust as an installed version). Bonus: Any page within notebook can be pulled in the My Gallery folder for anytime access from any .notebook file you have open.

2. Use Recorder to record what you’re saying and doing on screen, both in SMART and outside of SMART...this is useful for when you have a substitute and anything that require slots of explanation. You will need your own mic …