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Have You Looked At Google Add Ons?

Google Apps for Education is proving to be a fantastic collaboration, cloud-based tool for the classroom. While there are many pros to using the suite of tools that comes with your Google Apps account, Google doesn't do everything that other word processing, presentation, or spreadsheet programs can do.  To try to alleviate some of those drawbacks, Google has what are known as scripts that will run in a program and perform some kind of function.  Recently, Google changed the name of their script gallery to Add Ons.  

Here are a few of the really great Add Ons that may help teachers and students perform a task that is otherwise not available in Google.

Google Docs

1.  Kaizena - this Add On allows the teacher to create voice comments in a Google Doc.  Instead of typing out all the comments you want to make after a student turns in a paper, create voice comments that students can listen to.  

2. gMath - this Add On allows you to create awesome math equat…