Monday, February 9, 2015

Customize Padlet for YOU

Padlet is a great tool to use in your classroom, but did you know you can customize your walls to meet YOUR needs? Let's take a look at how to customize your backgrounds and url's.

First navigate to and login. (We suggest you use your Google account as to not need extra usernames and passwords) Once you are logged you will need to click on Padlets or Create New Padlet.


If you choose "Padlets" you are looking at your current walls you have created. If you do not want to edit one of them, choose Create New Padlet.

We will create a new one for our purposes and call it Exit Ticket.

Now that we have our wall, let's customize it. First we will change background to make it easy for students to add information to the wall. Since this is an exit ticket I want to have the questions on the page for students to see. That way if they are completing as they leave the class, they will still have access to the information I want from them. I am going to use SMART Notebook to create a background image and then use the Snipping tool from Windows to create the image we will use for the background. (You can use any software you have available to you to create your image)

Image for wall background
Next I will go to my Padlet wall and click on the gear to open the options menu.

This opens the menu and gives you many options to customize your wall. We will focus on just a couple: Wallpaper and Address.

When you click on Wallpaper, you can select one of the premade backgrounds or at the top you can click on Add Your Own. Since I made a background for my wall I am going to choose this option.

New Background for Padlet Wall
Now that my wall has a new background, I want to give my students an easy URL to access the site. One that they can remember if they forget to click the QR code or write it down if they leave the class. To do this click on the Address section within the menu. Then select the option to Pick a address. The site will let you know if your URL is good. If you are satisfied you click pick and then you will see your URL changes in the browser. Now you can give this to your students to access your wall.