Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New to Twitter Chats?

So what is a Twitter Chat anyway?

If you are reading this post, then you probably are asking that question. A Twitter Chat in its simplest definition is a discussion that takes place on twitter. Image the old days of chatrooms. They are like that, but open to anyone that wants to join the conversation. All they need is the right hashtag. There are specific times when multiple users get on twitter all at the same time and have discussions (that is what we will be doing for our #tisdedtech chat). There are also times when a conversation just occurs whenever a user adds a hashtag to their tweet.

How do I join?

You join a Twitter Chat by following the chats hashtag. For example, our hashtag we use in Tomball Instructional Technology is #tisdedtech. If you want to see all the tweets occurring you search for #tisdedtech.

Hashtags can be created for anything. All a hashtag does is connect conversations occurring online and put them all in the same location. These work across different websites like Google+ or Instagram. An example of different hashtags are #funtoday, #ilovehouston, or #tgif. One thing to caution with hashtags is your conversation will now go out to more viewers. Anyone following that hashtag will see your tweets and can retweet or send you tweets back. Choosing the right hashtag will keep your comments in the right locations and for the intended audience.

So are your ready to join the conversation?