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g(Math) Add for Google Docs

Google is always trying to improve their system. One recent update was the addition of add-ons within Google Docs. (There are also add-ons for sheets and forms) One add-on that all math teachers should add is g(math).

Why Add g(math)?

Have you ever had that moment when you wanted your students to write about math and maybe you wanted them to do this on the computer. And maybe had the thought of how are they going to type and equation? Or how are they going to type a fraction? Well Google has a solution for you. The best part it is FREE!

To get the g(math) add-on, you will need to first login to your Google Drive account. Then open or create a new Google Doc. In the menu bar you will see an option for Add-ons.

Click on the Add-ons to open the drop down menu.

A second window will open up asking you to agree to using the Add-on

Once you click “Accept”, you will be able to use the new Add-on. This Add-on is also available within Sheets and Forms. Just follow the same procedures to add to Sheets and Forms. The one place you cannot add is within Slides (I can show you a way around that)


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