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Google Chrome Tip: Change File Download Location

Tired of downloading files while using Chrome and not knowing where they save? You can select a location you want all saves to go or you can select a setting to ask you where to save for every download.

Begin by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of your browser. Choose “Settings” This will open settings in a new window on a Chromebook or open the settings in a new tab on a pc.

Scroll to the bottom of the window/tab and choose “Show advanced settings…”

You will then scroll down more until you find the section for Downloads.

If you are wanting the computer to ask you where to save, flip the switch to turn on that setting. Now every time you download a file while using Chrome the computer will ask you where to save the file.

If you are wanting to change the location of all files downloaded to a specific folder (default is the downloads folder on your computer), click change next to the location setting. When you download a file it will always save to the folder you selected.

SMART Labs 101: Getting Started

SMART notebook has made some changes over the past year. One being the addition of SMART labs. SMART labs are interactive pieces that you can add to your SMART notebook file. There are games, matching and student response. Most of the items can be used with just a SMART board and some require a student device for them to be used. Click here to access a brief overview of all 11 SMART labs.

To access SMART labs, you will first need to open SMART notebook. Once you open the file we will look across the toolbar for SMART lab.

Click on the icon for SMART lab, this will open a small window on your screen. Within the window you will find all 11 labs.

To create, you will find the one you will want to use and click on the title. For this post I am going to use Super Sort. Super Sort allows students to sort items into two categories. Once you click on the title of the lab you would like to use, you will be taken straight to the edit page for the lab.

Once you have your text or images complete fo…

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The TISD Instructional Technology team is here to serve you. You will find valuable resources and updates from us all on social media. Take advantage of following us on Twitter and joining our Google+ Community. You can also follow the hashtag #tisdedtech on twitter.